Peters Commodities - Australian Offices:

Peters Commodities strive to provide our clients with the highest standard of service, from prompt quotations and timely shipments through to customized grain selection and on the ground market information.

We have strong ethics and very high standards of corporate behavior, which we believe is reflected in our reputation known worldwide.

Melbourne Office Melbourne Office

Europe, Middle East & Asia inquiries





Established in 1996 the Melbourne office was the first office to open in Australia by Michael Oxley who started Peters Commodities - Australia. The main functions of this office is managing grain procurement and trading from the East coast and Southern states of Australia to service North Asia, South Asia and Middle Eastern markets. The Melbourne office also provides a comprehensive logistics, shipping and documentation service to meet all overseas customer requirements.

Queensland Office Queensland Office

India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka inquiries







Established in 2011 Peters Commodities - Australia made a strategic move to open up an office in Toowoomba, Queensland.The Queensland office is a dedicated trading office for the sub-continent markets in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka specialising in chickpeas, mung beans, lentils and other grains. Attached to this office we have a Grain Packing Facility which offers high quality products to the overseas market. This facility’s primary focus is to cater towards packing mixed product into 20 feet container for export. We will be able to cater all size bags from 5kg up to 50kg subject to minimum order quantities. Currently no one else offers this service.

Adelaide Office Adelaide Office

Pasture Seed and other Specialty Seeds inquiries


+61 8 8522 1690


+61 4 5831 3641

Established in 2014 Peters Commodities opened up our Adelaide office. The key function of this office is to diversify our product range to now be in a position to offer specialised seed products such as pasture seeds to all major overseas markets.

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